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Dexterous robotics makes Toronto Film Festival programme

07 April 2017

Work by the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s New Dexterity research team was recently featured at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Their open-source robot hands are the result of a collaboration between the New Dexterity research team and the OpenBionics initiative. The initiative aims to increase the use of robotic capabilities to help people with disabilities to regain their lost dexterity.

The installation was featured as of the digiPlaySpace’s Maker’s Space segment, which features hands-on interaction with robotics, circuits, and coding by artists and technologists from all over the world.

The New Dexterity research team focuses on providing robotics to solve everyday life problems, and have been involved with the development of prosthetic hands, exo-suits, brain interfaces for human-robot interaction, and more. Its Research Advisor, Dr Minas Liarokapis, is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.