Mechanical engineering researchers thrive at Los Angeles conferences

08 June 2017
Professor Xun Xu with his PhD student, Chao Liu
Professor Xun Xu and the Cloud Manufacturing symposium organisers

Two groups of mechanical engineering researchers have recently been presented with honours at conferences in Los Angeles.

A paper co-authored by Chao Liu, Sheng Cao, Wayne Tse and Professor Xun Xu from the Department of Mechanical Engineering won first prize in the Outstanding Student Research Presentation Competition at the 45th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC45). The paper, ‘Augmented Reality: Assisted Intelligent Window for Cyber-Physical Machine Tools’, was presented at the conference held at the University of Southern California earlier this week by PhD candidate Chao Liu, and was amongst one of three finalists selected from a pool of over 100 submissions.

Professor Xun Xu additionally led a group of three researchers that won a Best Organiser of Symposium and Sessions Awards at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference. It was co-run by NAMRC45, and featured 32 symposiums. Professor Xu’s team co-organised the award-winning symposium on Cloud Manufacturing on 7 June.