Associate Professor Charles Clifton receives Life Membership to SESOC

08 November 2017

Associate Professor Charles Clifton is "very honoured and thrilled" to have received a Life Membership to the Structural Engineering Society (SESOC) at their 2017 conference last week for his contributions to the practice of structural and fire engineering in New Zealand. 

As an internationally-recognised expert in steel and composite structures performance, he is additionally a founding member of SESOC, the first editor of the Journal and Management Committee, and strongly involved in the research, development and promotion of innovative systems, professional support, teaching, and standards development.

Some of his more significant work includes the adoption of steel and steel composite systems that have been developed overseas to our country’s conditions. It has been said that nobody else has contributed more to the re-emergence of structural steel as a preference for multi-level commercial building construction in New Zealand, and the prominence of structural steel-framed buildings in the Christchurch CBD rebuild.

He joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2008, where he continues to perform research alongside mentoring and supervising students of all levels – from preparing undergraduates for the real world of design and construction, to mentoring and supervising masters and PhD students.