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Exceptional thesis wins Vice-Chancellor award

20 April 2018

PhD student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Tao Liu was one of five winners of this year's Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis. The submissions are judged by their significance in their respective fields, the originality and excellence of research, exceptional academic and intellectual achievement and timely completion.

Dr Liu’s thesis is titled Transfer Optimization in Public Transport Networks: Timetable Synchronization, Operational Control and a New Service-Design Concept. He was supervised by Professor Avishai Ceder and Dr Subeh Chowdhury.

The results of Tao’s research include useful mathematical models, solution methods, control strategies and new service-design concepts for public transport transfer optimisation. Dr Liu believes applications of his thesis can help increase the synchronization, connectivity, controllability and attractiveness of public transport services. This could help to shift a significant amount of private car users to public transport in a sustainable manner.

Other nominations from the Faculty of Engineering were:

  • Ashkan Hashemi, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Abbas Mehrabadi, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Keith Ruddell, Engineering Science

Dr Liu and the other winners receive their certificate and the $6,000 award at the Celebrating Research Excellence event in May.