FiNZ Conference 2018 Event as iCalendar

(Faculty of Engineering Events)

08 February 2018 - 09 February 2018

Venue: Owen G Glenn Building, The University of Auckland

Location: Level 0, 12 Grafton Road

Host: Dr Colin Whittaker

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The Fluids in New Zealand (FiNZ) 2018 meeting is held to encourage collaboration between fluid mechanics researchers in New Zealand, and particularly to encourage participation from student members of the research community. The meeting provides an ideal forum for students to present their research (or proposed research), and has attracted a

large number of student presentations in the past. Given that fluid mechanics is a diverse subject, drawing from many branches of engineering, science and

mathematics, the FiNZ meeting aims to promote the dissemination of ideas between these disciplines.


Keynote speakers:

Professor Rosalind Archer (The University of Auckland)

Associate Professor Mark Jermy (University of Canterbury)

Dr Craig Stevens (NIWA)

Dr Heide Friedrich (The University of Auckland)


Abstract Submissions are now open.