Faculty of Engineering

Rainbow Engineering Network

The Faculty of Engineering Rainbow Network aims to provide support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students and staff.

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The University of Auckland’s Equity Policy, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students and staff as an equity group, forms part of the University’s commitment to supporting all those with the potential to succeed at New Zealand's leading university.

The University offers a range of initiatives aimed at providing support for LGBTI students and staff, and is committed to providing an inclusive study and work environment that removes unnecessary, unlawful and unfair barriers.


Within our faculty, the Rainbow Engineering Network provides:

  • Opportunities to meet and connect with fellow LGBTI students and staff, along with their friends.
  • Information about services, news and events.
  • A voice for LGBTI students and staff in Engineering.


  • Auckland Pride Festival
    The University of Auckland and Faculty of Engineering are supporting the Auckland Pride Festival 2018. These are public events and students and staff members are invited. Family and friends are most welcome. Major events include:
  • Meet and Greet session
    Wednesday, 28 February 2018 from 2-3pm at the Leech Meeting Room
    A kick-off/welcome event. This is an opportunity to meet new and existing Rainbow Engineering members
  • Fortnightly casual catch-ups
    Leech Meeting Room
    These meetings provide an opportunity for you to to meet informally with Rainbow Engineering members. We often discuss LGBTI issues in the faculty, and provide a safe space for you to socialise.
    • Thursday, 15 March. 12-1pm
    • Monday, 26 March. 1-2pm
    • Wednesday, 18 April. 12-1pm
    • Tuesday, 1 May. 1-2pm
    • Friday, 18 May. 1-2pm
    • Wednesday, 25 July. 12-1pm
    • Friday, 10 August. 1-2pm
    • Monday, 20 August. 2-3pm
    • Thursday, 13 September. 1-2pm
    • Tuesday, 25 September. 2-3pm
    • Wednesday, 10 October. 1-2pm


LGBTI in the University

Visit the LGBTI page on the Equity webpage for more information on the University's initiatives, as well as useful links and resources.


Contact us

If you would like to join the Engineering Rainbow Network or have queries, please contact Alcione Fagundes.